When it comes to brand identity, there’s a lot of design elements at play to connect with potential customers off the bat.

And while good design can undoubtedly do that (‘sup, Fyre Festival?), there’s more to your brand than just a pretty face. Just like us humans, personality goes a long way.

What you say and how you say it matters. Specifically, your voice and tone.

The voice and tone of your brand work together to get you to talk like your ideal customers and stick out to them. Have you ever read a piece of packaging or an email…

Working from home definitely has its perks, and if there's one to highlight, it’s the fact that we can incorporate more home-cooked meals into our days.

There’s just one predicament with that: cooking takes time. We’ve managed to shift every piece of our personal and professional lives into our living spaces, and mustering up the energy to cook three times a day can seem pretty inconvenient.

But with the right recipes, that can all change. If you work from home and need some inspiration to reconnect with your kitchen, I’ve rounded up five of my favorite go-to recipes. I make…

Photo by @davefrancis on Unsplash.

Do you ever just sit and stare at a blank Google doc, waiting for a bolt inspiration to send your fingers into a typing frenzy?

When the words finally come out, though, do they kind of sound like Miss South Carolina circa 2007?

Writers across the board feel a collective amount of pressure to…you know…write. But some days, getting anything written seems about as likely as becoming America’s Next Top Model. It just isn’t going to happen.

And if you’ve got deadlines, yeah…bad news, bud: they don’t care. …

Photo by @creativeexchange on Unsplash.

There are some workdays that are simply too much to handle. They’re exhausting, mentally taxing, and seemingly endless. Not only that, but they take away one of the most necessary parts of the day: lunch.

I’m not talking about stumbling into Chipotle at 5:30 PM with a ravenous hanger that can only be cured by 1500 calories of salt, guac, and sour cream. I mean not eating anything at all.

Some projects have a relentless grip on us, preventing us from looking at anything that isn’t work-related. …

Nathalia Iole

Mastering the art of typing and petting both of my cats at the same time. Independent Copywriter. https://nathaliaiole.com

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